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Thorium Bats

Thorium Bat Company sources the industry's finest American northern white ash from Vermont and hand split, hard rock maple from Pennsylvania and upstate New York. Each Thorium hard rock maple billet contains 0% to 3% sloped grains, ensuring you get pro-grade standard bats.

The superior craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into creating every Thorium Bat is unmistakable.
The process of crafting each Thorium Custom Elite Pro bat is meticulously managed and ensures each bat looks, performs, and feels perfect in a batter's hands.

Every bat we make meets the high standards of each player who chooses our bats.

Every Thorium Custom Elite Pro bat is:
  • Made at the time of order specifically for each customer
  • Hardened with steel at 2000 RPM on our lathes
  • Hand Sanded for a superior finish
  • Thorium Fire Hardened (ASH Only Option)
  • All maple bats are Ink Dot Tested for slope of grain
  • Wide choice of barrel and handle stains, paint colors, and finishes
  • Available in Full Dip, Half Dip, Two Tone, or Unfinished
  • Choice of Label Color
  • Finished with a beautiful, glossy, clear coat
  • End Finish: Cupped or No Cup
  • Always Custom personalized free of charge